Sci-comm burrito is a bimonthly-ish gathering of people who work in science communication, outreach or public engagement in Manchester. We normally meet at Barburrito on Piccadilly Gardens at around 6pm, have a burrito then sit around having a drink afterwards. For the time being we'll plan to sit on the tables outside, so make sure you're dressed for the weather (and if it's really grim, we'll improvise on arrival).

Upcoming burrito dates (subject to change - join the mailing list for confirmations/reminders):

Monday 12th December 2022: meeting outside Barburrito on Piccadilly Gardens at 6.30pm and going to the Christmas markets for some food

"Because of #scicommburrito I now belong to a community. I also get to eat burritos regularly." - Alison Atkin, Osteoarchaeologist and Science Communicator

"#scicommburrito has enriched my life with both Sci Comm and Burrito." - Dr. Liz Granger, Biologist and Science Communicator ~ @stecks on Twitter