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Katie Steckles is a mathematician based in Manchester, who gives talks and workshops on different areas of maths. She finished her PhD in 2011, and since then has talked about maths in schools, at science festivals, at music festivals, as part of theatre shows and on the internet. She enjoys doing puzzles, solving the Rubik's cube and baking things shaped like maths.

More about Katie's work:

Katie works for Think Maths with Matt Parker, giving talks in schools around the country about engaging off-curriculum mathematics. She also does admin and project management for Think Maths, and ran the Domino Computer project at Manchester Science Festival in 2012.

Katie is also a Mathematics Masterclass speaker for the Royal Institution - giving workshops on Saturday mornings for groups of gifted and talented students, on mathematical topics. She has delivered a number of masterclass sessions, ranging from primary age up to Sixth Form, on topics including topology, maths busking, open conjectures in maths, and mathematical origami. She has also delivered lectures in the Ri's Faraday Lecture theatre, and run sessions as part of their summer programme.

Katie has appeared in several videos on the YouTube channel Numberphile, talking about her favourite bits of maths. See: Rubik's cubes, God's Number, Platonic Solids, 27: My favourite number.

Katie is the organiser of the Manchester branch of MathsJam, a monthly pub night which involves fun maths, puzzles and other interesting mathsy things. She also designed and maintains the MathsJam website.

Katie blogs as part of the team at The Aperiodical, an online maths magazine. One of the site's three editors, Katie posts news and opinion pieces, as well as curating content and helping to run the Carnival of Mathematics.

Katie is the organiser of Manchester Girl Geeks, the Manchester branch of the world famous Girl Geek Dinners. In addition to dinners, Manchester also operate Girl Geek Tea Parties, which are interactive hands-on workshops for Girl Geeks of all ages, and Katie has prepared and delivered several such workshops, as well as organising speakers to deliver others.

Katie is a member of the team at Maths Busking, a group who perform entertaining street shows and cabaret performances with a mathematical theme. She has performed at science festivals, conferences, events and in public and often leads performances, as well as helping to write material for the shows and training new buskers.

Katie has worked with and as part of mathematical theatre projects, including the19thstep's production of Everything & Nothing, a performance project about the Poincaré Conjecture, and Geddes Loom's Phi-based show Prelude to a Number.

Katie also does various other fun outreach things, including saying hilarious things at Bright Club Manchester, a stand-up comedy night for researchers, and at Science Showoff in London. She also makes her own videos for YouTube - such as the one here, and also this one.

Katie produces Puzzlebomb, a monthly sheet of ingenious new puzzles invented by herself and people on Twitter, which are posted at The Aperiodical.

Pure Mathematics MMath (undergraduate Masters), UMIST
PhD Mathematics, University of Manchester (completed 2011)